Finally, A Boudoir Posing Guide That Specializes In Nothing Butt Booty Poses!

So you have one quick and easy reference for all your booty posing ideas.

In case you haven't heard... the booty is in!

More women today are requesting booty pics than ever before, and it's become a must-have shot.

Get it right, and your client will love you, but get it wrong and she's not going to be happy so you can't afford to mess this up.

It's her booty after all -- and many women have put their trust in you to make it look hot!

But here's the problem...

Do you have enough booty posing ideas to pull off an awesome booty shot (or two or three) in any setting?

On the floor?

In a chair?



On a sofa?

On a settee?

On a bench?

Here's another question.

How many booty shots can you think of off the top of your head right now?

Is it over 10?

Over 15?

Over 20?

The Little Black Book of Booty Poses was created so you never have to worry about coming up with booty shot ideas ever again!

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The Little Black Book of Booty Poses is a 63 page downloadable digital ebook (PDF) you can store on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop for quick and easy reference.

Here's what you get...

30 unique booty poses so you never run out of ideas for this critical must-have shot

20 variations for a total of 50 booty posing ideas

Categorized for easy reference for: Bed, Floor, Standing, Sofa, Settee, Bench, Chair

Tips on how to fine-tune each pose for you to put the finishing touches on each shot

Camera settings and lens info of each image to help you recreate them yourself

Type of light used (both natural and artificial) along with any modifier or diffusion

Fun easy to remember names such as "Sleeping Booty", "Booty a la Carte", and "Peek-A-Booty" to name a few

Quick-click Table of Contents takes you instantly to that pose's page

The booty shot is a must-have for most women getting boudoir shoots today. In fact, I consider it the "cherry on top" as far as boudoir images go and you, as a boudoir photographer, need to nail this for your clients if you want them to be happy with their shoot.

The Little Black Book of Booty Poses is a convenient one-source posing guide to get all your booty posing ideas from so you're never caught short not knowing how to booty-pose your clients.

Special Bonus!

But wait...!

When you purchse The Little Black Book of Booty Poses you'll also receive my free guide, "How To Introduce Edgier Posing To Your Boudoir Clients... and Why You Should" as a bonus absolutely free! ($17 value)

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This 6-page guide will tell you exactly how to introduce edgier posing to your clients if you're hesitant or self-conscious about doing that, and if you're a male boudoir photographer, this information is especially helpful.

Here's what you'll discover...

My journey from being hesitant and self-conscious about adding edgier poses to my sessions to being totally confident and at ease with it now

What specifically changed for me to get me to that point

How I handled introducing edgier posing at first, and how that didn't work

How I handle introducing edgier posing now that works like a charm

What to do to attract women who want edgier images

What it means to own your style

So, you get The Little Black Book of Booty Poses and my free guide, How To Introduce Edgier Posing To Your Boudoir Clients... and Why You Should (a $17 value) all for just $47.

No refunds on digital products.



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