How To Shoot Boudoir With Natural Light

5 Setups You Need To Know

Are you new to shooting boudoir or just need to brush up on your technique shooting in natural light? In this 32 page downloadable ebook I go over the 5 basic setups every boudoir photographer should know when shooting with natural light.

Here's what's in it...

An explanation of all 5 lighting setups, so you'll know when to use each one for the desired effect

Complete discussion of the 3 most important qualities of light, so you have a better understanding of how to control it

15 photo examples, so you can see the effect of each setup

5 lighting diagrams, so you can easily duplicate each lighting setup

Free links to related articles that pertain to shooting with natural light, so you can continue learning

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How To Shoot Boudoir With Natural Light

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