Finally, A Contract Specifically For Boudoir Photographers

Without Having To pay An Expensive Lawyer

If you're a boudoir photographer and you already have a solid contract that addresses everything you need then stop reading.


If you're booking clients without one then you'll want to hear my story.

My Gut-Wrenching Story

It was my first big boudoir client and I was set to make over $1000.

She had her heart set on a huge metal print that was so big it needed its own custom-made crate to ship it in! We had several lengthy phone conversations on getting the size just right and I even made a few cardboard templates of various dimensions she could hold above her bed to pick out the perfect size, ultimately settling on a massive 50 x 20.

We had a date set for the shoot and she’d even sent me 50% of the money up front.

Wow, this was really going to happen! I was so proud of myself for having worked so hard to get to this point and it was finally paying off.

Then just before the big day and completely out of the blue, I received an email from her telling me she was cancelling the shoot and requesting a full refund.

Wow… it felt like the rug had been pulled right out from under me and I had no recourse because…

I didn’t have a contract.

There was no written agreement on refunds, deposits, cancellations or anything.

The next day I promptly refunded her money and swore to myself that would never happen again. I learned the hard way why a contract was so important when doing business.

The good news was that I’d reached a point where I needed one.

The next day I went online and found a few photography contracts for sale but you had to buy them first to find out what was in them and I didn’t like the idea of that.

What if they didn’t contain what I needed?

I considered hiring a lawyer to write one for me but realized that would be really expensive, and besides, I couldn’t imagine a lawyer knowing the first thing about boudoir photography. I’d have to tell them everything I’d want in it and end up doing most of the work for them!

Then I thought... "Why not write one yourself?"

Could I do that?

Should I do that?

I decided to give it a try. I found every available free photography contract online from different genres and read through them and used those as a blueprint to construct my own.

I made sure it was easy to understand and written in plain English.

I then paid a lawyer from a well-established law firm in Richmond, Virginia to review it and make any changes he saw necessary. After some much improved alterations, I ended up with a customized contract that specifically addressed my needs as a boudoir photographer.

And now that I’ve been using it successfully in my own business, you finally have the opportunity to use it in yours too.

I call it My Ultimate Boudoir Photo Shoot Contract.

Your Image

Here's Everything You Get

lawyer reviewed, modified, and approved (we worked on this together in three separate one-on-one sessions going over each and every section)

— boudoir photo shoot contract written by a boudoir photographer for boudoir photographers so you know it has your best interests at heart

-- includes two versions; one if you charge a separate Session Fee and then charge for image products separately, the other, if you offer all inclusive packages that include everything for one price

customizable fields to suit your business name, pricing, and time allotments

available in both Word and Pages (you'll receive both in the same order... no need to choose one or the other, so whether you use a Mac or PC you're covered)

written in plain English so both you and your client can easily understand and read through it

peace of mind that you got this legal part of your business taken care of so you don't lose money by getting taken advantage of

— the look of professionalism since using a contract presents you as a true professional


That's great but what exactly is in it?

Yes, that's what I wanted to know as well when I was searching for a boudoir contract, so here’s what each section addresses:


Establishes date of agreement and names both parties

Section 1

Defines scope of work, date, time, address of photo shoot, length of session, and how many images will be available for review and ordering (mentions image products are sold separately in version #1, all inclusive packages in version #2)

Section 2

States amount of non-refundable fee (to be paid in full) along with a signed copy of agreement to reserve appointment date

Includes language for both separate Session Fee payment and those who charge a one-time all-inclusive price

Addresses cancellation, rescheduling, and no-show policies (amount and length of deadline customizable)

Section 3

Addresses hair & makeup policy and liability for adverse reactions to any products (protecting photographer and makeup artist)

Section 4

Addresses viewing session and order session, states that image products must be paid in full before order is placed and that all sales are final

States length of photographer’s digital storage policy (time frame customizable)

Defines “high-resolution” with regard to the purchase of digital files

Section 5

Protects photographer’s artistic style and reputation by limiting edits client can make on purchased images

Section 6

Restricts client from selling or licensing their images to a third party without photographer’s permission

Section 7

Defines photographer’s privacy policy with regard to keeping client’s images private

Section 8

Addresses showing up late, bringing other people and pets to shoot, code of conduct during shoot, as well as, unauthorized taking of pictures and video during session

Section 9

Explains what happens if photographer is unable to fulfill their obligations due to emergency or anything outside their control

Section 10

Addresses how disputes will be resolved (this was probably the biggest area of change the lawyer made from my original draft of using arbitration -- his alternative is much better for the photographer)

Section 11

General statement of understanding about contract between client and photographer and terms of amending contract


For insight into why and how I created this contract, watch the video below.

Lawyers charge hundreds of dollars an hour. If you had a contract written for you you’d probably end up spending at least $2000 to $4000... or more.

When you purchase My Ultimate Boudoir Photo Shoot Contract it’s just $57.00

… and it was written by a boudoir photographer specifically for boudoir photographers...

... and you get two versions of the contract, one for charging a separate session fee with image products sold separately, and the other if your packages are all-inclusive.

I’ve already done all the hard work for you and gotten everything reviewed, fine-tuned, and approved by a lawyer who deals with contracts for a living.

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My Ultimate Boudoir Photo Shoot Contract

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